Cinderella Cake


"I wanted to write and tell you a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful cake that you made for Olivia! I wish you could have seen her eyes light up when she saw the cake today. She felt so very special, and she beamed from head to toe! The cake is absolutely gorgeous, too. We had some of her very best friends over for a play date when your son arrived, and they all but attacked the cake before he even got out the door. We wound up compromising and letting her share the top layer of the cake with her friends before her actual birthday tomorrow."  -Kris


Bourbon Brownies


"This tastes like Christmas feels."  Commenting on the bourbon brownies.  -Customer



Inside Out Cake


             "Unique.  Edible Artwork.  Delicious!  These are the words I use to describe the two cakes and special-order cupcakes Jacqui has made for me these past two years.  The first cake was a SpongeBob Cake for my twins’ 8th birthday and this cake was nothing short of amazing!  She actually hand-created miniature SpongeBob, Squidword, and Patrick figures and placed them on the front of a perfectly decorated seafoam blue cake!  And the taste?  AMAZING!  Our second cake was an Inside/Out cake and I simply asked Jacqui to be creative…gave her full reign and so glad I did!  Unbelievably creative and of course, super delicious to boot! 

            For my birthday, I wanted to go a little more “adult” and ordered custom-flavored cupcakes: Bailey’s with Kahlua Salted Caramel with Bailey’s.  She placed these in mini glass jars and froze them for me so I could take them to Vegas and celebrate!  The taste was beyond my expectation! 

            If you really want a specialty cake and want it done right, then I highly recommend Jacqui for your sweet treat needs!"

-C. Elizabeth



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